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Teenage Bottlerocket 8xLP Box Set - Free Shipping in the US

by Teenage Bottlerocket

$130.00 / Sold Out


The complete discography of Teenage Bottlerocket! Everything the band ever recorded: all LP’s, 7”s, split 7”s, compilation tracks and even unreleased material.

Every LP has exclusive artwork that will only be available in this box set, every LP is colored vinyl and every jacket is die cut. The records are housed in a VERY sturdy box.

The box set contains:
Another Way – Re-mixed and re-mastered. Gray Vinyl
Total – Re-mastered. White Vinyl.
Warning Device – Re-mastered. Yellow Vinyl.
Live in ’06 – Re-mixed and re-mastered and is now two sides instead of only one. Red Vinyl.
They Came From the Shadows – Re-mastered. Green Vinyl.
Freak Out – Re-mastered. Pink Vinyl.

BONUS – 2xLP with all of their singles, split 7’s, comp songs and unreleased material and it was all re-mastered!