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by Ghoul

$12.00 / Sold Out

Here we have a Ghoul 12” that has 5 old-school hard-core classics from the 1980’s.

This 12” features songs by Gwar, Fearless Iranians From Hell, Willful Neglect, N.O.T.A., and Dayglo Abortions.

Oderus Urungus actually does the vocals on the Gwar track.

This release is limited to 623 Copies and once it’s gone it’s gone.

All copies are pressed on blood red vinyl.

There are 5 songs on this release but all 5 songs are on both sides just in case you wear out the one side.

Songs are :

Gwar- Americanized

Fearless Iranians From Hell- Blow up the embassy

Willful Neglect- E.M.S & D

N.O.T.A.- Propaganda control

Dayglo Abortions- Proud to be a creepylvanian